Thursday, September 2, 2010

Evangelicals, Mormons, and Glenn Beck

Here are two different articles, both from evangelicals on the relationship between Mormons and Evangelicals with regard to Glenn Beck. Both were posted on the same news network, an outlet for evangelical political "news."

In the first, an opinion piece by Russell Moore, the end of the world is coming because Evangelicals are giving up their religious foundations to stand up with Glenn Beck:

The second opinion piece titled "Evangelicals and Glenn Beck" by Dr. Jim Garlow describes how Mormons and Evangelicals can work together. He said "as evangelicals and Mormons, we are not theological brothers and sisters. But we are friends and neighbors. And on that basis we work [together]."

I leave it to my esteemed readers to compare the two and see which seems to make the most coherent argument.

As a Mormon, I believe that Jim Garlow's quote goes both ways. His quote almost exactly expresses how I see our relationship with Evangelicals, they may not be my theological brothers and sisters, but if we are not "theological brothers and sisters" surely we are theological cousins. I can work together with them, and hope that they can work together with me to bring about our shared goals (which are many).

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Bus Gillespie said...

Anyone can work together if we stay of the surface of things. That's why America is able to incorporate so many religious beliefs within its borders, the unwritten code is that we leave our deepest held beliefs at home during the work week and then use Sunday (or Sat.) to express our religious ideas. As long as Glenn Beck stays with kind of a superficial level of Mormonism and provides a platform for Evangelicals to spout from then all will be peaceful. But eventually someone will get a bit deeper and then it will hit the fan. Wait until Beck quotes from King Benjamin's sermon.